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Drink before you feel thirsty and until you’re passing clear or pale yellow urine [WebMD]. Aim for about 2 liters of fluid per day (more if you’re sweating or sick) [Anding]. Carry water and keep it by your desk and bedside. When exercising strenously, drink something with electrolytes [Anding].

Dehydration weakens muscles, harms concentration and coordination, increases stress, and fouls the breath [Loehr, Amen]. “Dehydrate a muscle by as little as 3 percent, for example, and it will lose 10 percent of its strength and 8 percent of its speed” [Loehr]. Chronic dehydration harms the heart and brain, contributes to obesity, ages the skin, and shortens life [Amen]. Due to a lag time between actual dehydration and the feeling of thirst, “thirst is an inadequate barometer of need”, and this barometer only worsens with age.


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